Restaurant Operations Assessments and Audits

Providing an outside expert and objective perspective on what is really happening inside your restaurant business to create a direct action plan to guide improvements

The Restaurant Operations Assessment will be conducted by a restaurant consultant kitchen linewith significant relevant experience. The restaurant consultant will observe all foodservice operations and interview management and staff to determine positive operations practices, in addition to challenges as they present themselves.  Our restaurant consultant will visit multiple locations (if applicable) and be on-site from opening to pre-close in order to experience all aspects of the operation’s day parts as well as to pre-preparation, shift change and end-of-day systems.

We will prepare a clear and factual report of our findings, with actionable recommendations designed to meet the challenges and opportunities uncovered. Additionally, we will prepare a list of ‘low-hanging fruit’ opportunities – those areas of opportunity that can be acted upon quickly in order to garner a more immediate impact from existing operations. Finally, we will provide a listing of ‘next step’ recommendations designed to provide a logical road map to move forward most expeditiously that will guide improvement that can then enhance overall brand health and profitability.


The key restaurant operations assessment areas include:


  • Purchasing practices
  • Inventory controls (par levels)
  • Receiving practices
  • Storage/rotation practices
  • Adherence to food safety programs
  • Production systems
  • Operating tools/systems
  • Security measures
  • Job functions and responsibilities
  • Productivity, staff levels
  • Equipment use and feasibility
  • Kitchen design/thru put
  • Cook’s line set-up/organization
  • Ticket times
  • Recipe adherence
  • Buffet operations and efficiencies
  • Portion control standards
  • Bakery operations
  • Catering Opportunities


  • Job functions and responsibilities
  • Uniforms
  • Dining room ambiance
  • Operating tools and systems
  • Guest experience
  • Steps of service
  • Meal timing
  • Guest feedback programs review
  • Beverage program
  • Bar operations
  • Snack bar and concession operations
  • Cleanliness
  • Merchandising at the table


  • Staff interaction
  • Guest interaction
  • Uniform/dress code
  • Operating systems/tools/processes
  • Accounting/fiduciary accountabilities
  • Facilities/equipment care and maintenance
  • Cost control programs/adherence
  • Staff training strategies
  • Shift responsibilities/task completion

Food and Beverage Review

  • Quality, flavor, presentation
  • Product temperatures
  • Perceived price/value relationship
  • Total menu count – viable for concept
  • Product sales mix review
  • Use of seasonal ingredients
  • Potential menu gaps/missed opportunities
  • Concept ‘hooks’
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