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How to help a brand that knows how to be different, define what different is, and then get focused

Challenge: Bring what Toppers Founder and President, Scott Gittrich, calls a “disparate and sometimes hard-headed group of franchisees and senior management” together to help them define their brand positioning and then to gain full alignment behind that positioning.Toppers Pizza & Topperstix

SolutionChallenge the status quo and build consensus among stakeholders with a combination of science and clear communication. Utilizing the Ellish Marketing Group’s proprietary and collaborative approach to brand positioning, franchisees and management were able to reduce personal biases and were able to clearly define the business they are in (Pizza AND Topperstix), clearly articulate who their customer is, concisely define the brands point of difference vs. the big national pizza guys and identify what they should and should not be selling. A complete marketing audit, the development of unique promotional offerings and the identification of new menu offerings further focused the brand.

RationaleUtilizing quantitative consumer research with both current customers and non-users (but category users) and TURF analysis, we validated the brand positioning, were able to identify 3 complete current menu categories that could be eliminated from the menu with little or no customer pushback, and identified new menu offerings that fit the brand. Stores changed their signage, and base identity elements have been updated as a result of the brand positioning work.

Toppers new signResults: A new streamlined menu was introduced with 3 menu categories removed and the addition of new unique menu concepts. Stores changed their signage and base identity elements have been updated as a result of the brand positioning work. The brand positioning, new menu and promotional ideas performed well in consumer research and then replicated itself in the marketplace.  Today comp sales are up significantly, training employees has been simplified, speed of service has been improved and most importantly the brand is offering a tight menu that is true to who the brand is in the eyes of their customers.

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