Burger King

How to develop promotional new products to drive traffic without discounting

Challenge: Develop and execute a strategic new product marketing plan to build profitable store traffic without the use of discounting.

Solution: Develop a series of new products that work across dayparts (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Build on hand-held consumer driven products with the introduction of Burger Bundles™ and Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches. Utilize existing restaurant equipment and packaging to introduce a high-margin snacking occasion product with Spooners™. Leverage the brand awareness of a major consumer products brand (Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce) by creating a joint promotion with Kraft and developing Bulls-Eye Barbeque Burgers™.

Rationale: Having a marketing strategy in fast food that drives traffic with new product news vs. a reliance on discounting, allows for profitable traffic.

Results: Burger Bundles™ was Burger King’s most successful new promotional product. Spooners™ successfully increased profitable add-on sales.  Bulls-Eye Barbeque Burgers™ built both traffic and margins. Breakfast Bagel sandwiches was the first fast food or fast casual chain to introduce a bagel breakfast sandwich offering on a national level.

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