How to launch a delivery service that speaks directly to the consumer benefit

Challenge: Re-launch Pink Dot, a Southern California delivery business, to include ready-to-eat foods and popular brands of groceries, and introduce them to new markets.

Solution: Develop brand positioning, new identity and implement a strategic and comprehensive marketing program focused on teaser postcards, direct mailers, door hangers and welcome kits (catalog, promotional offer and premiums) to capture new customers and follow up postcards to keep them.

Rationale: Summing up the entire consumer benefit in three words: Skip the Trip™ was easy for targeted customers to relate to. Building a communications program around it resonated well with those customers.

Results: Created iconic delivery vehicles and high levels of awareness and trial in expansion markets. Ellish Marketing has additional experience in the delivery space having also handled the brand positioning work for Fresh Direct (a major grocery delivery business operating in the NYC area) and Restaurants on the Run, the Foodgistics™ Experts (a major restaurant delivery business on the west coast).

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