Devising Dental Marketing Programs

Dental Marketing & Branding Consultants

Ellish Marketing Group dental clients realize a 5 to 10 times ROI
year after year. Shouldn’t you?

You’ll acquire high-value patients who generate on-going revenue and make referrals to family, friends and associates. Bottom line, we assume generating $5 to $10 in new patient revenue for each $1 spent on marketing expenditures is a good investment in your practice and your future. We are a well-respected marketing consulting company with a successful track record of generating high return-on-investment ratios for dental practices just like yours. Since 1995, we have focused on generating profitable new customers/patients for our clients.

Generating new patient leads 

We generate new high-quality patients in just a matter of weeks – and then every month, year after year. We help by executing a strategically developed marketing communication plan for your practice. Our objective is to target potential new high-quality patients in your surrounding neighborhoods to call your office to schedule an appointment! You will be able to monitor your results daily and know exactly where your new patients are coming from.

Devising dental marketing programs utilizing a proven methodology

We don’t offer “canned” strategies – but we do employ a proven methodology used with other practitioners (used successfully with many other businesses including medical, dental, spas, retailers, restaurants and more) that have trade-area driven businesses, and the results speak for themselves. Your practice will be branded as the premier practice in your trade area, making it difficult for other practices to compete with you.

Offering trade area exclusivity

Unlike most companies offering dental marketing services, who will “sell” programs to any dentist or dental practice who will write them a check, and then will implement programs for multiple competing dentists, Ellish Marketing Group only teams with one dental practice in any trade area. Our single-minded goal is to make your practice the most successful it can be.

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