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Tai Pak Asian Wok Kitchen (Mexico)

How to refresh a 40+ year old business and generate 20%+ traffic gains and 15%+ gains in net profit

Challenge: Take a 40+ year old privately-held international (Mexico) chain of ChineseTai Pak billboard by Ellish Marketing Group - new menu restaurants and completely refresh the brand with a 2.0 update.

SolutionStart with a multi-market brand discovery followed by the development of a brand
refresh concept book, the development of a strategically sound brand positioning, the identification of a clear mission and vision for the company and the development of a complete brand relaunch plan. A new corporate identity was developed, stores were redesigned, menu engineering identified the creation of two new menu categories and the menu items within those categories were then created.  A new menu was designed and then a comprehensive marketing, promotion and advertising campaign was launched to let people know about the new Tai Pak and to generate trial.  Two proprietary promotions (Chinese New Year Red Envelope Promotion and Lucky Lunes) were introduced that have had a huge impact on guest frequency.

RationaleBy using a disciplined focused approach to a restaurant brand refresh, withTai Pak Billboard by Ellish Marketing Group-Lee Tai Pak menu complete client collaboration, the restaurant brand refresh was then substantiated with customer research and then rolled out very successfully.

Results: A 20%+ increase in customer guest counts and a 15%+ increase in net profits has been realized for 2+ years.

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