Red Lobster – Darden Restaurants

How to make people crave your brand and introduce marketing techniques that stand the test of time

 Reverse negative guest counts for what was then America’s leading family dinner chain and establish Red Lobster as the place to go for seafood lovers.

Solution: Upgrade the quality of television and print advertising through innovative production techniques and presentation that sizzle and heighten appetite appeal of food. Use promotional incentives to drive sense of urgency.

Rationale: Since seafood is not top-of-mind, it is important to picture it at its best – fresh and freshly prepared

Results: Obtained two consecutive years of positive guest counts, outpacing industry. Increased dinner day-part guest counts by over 8%. Couponing plan that increased company net profits by over $8 million. Many of the marketing approaches introduced are still in use today. Created a new hurdle for what food photography should be in the restaurant industry.

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