Ellish Marketing Group:
Powered By Experience®

Exceptional leadership with a track record of successes

Ellish Marketing Group, a leading authority on brand positioning and marketing consulting services to restaurants, dental practices, retailers and consumer products companies, is Powered By Experience®. An organization built with only senior and seasoned client and agency “best of the best” talent.

Ellish Marketing Groups two principals, Warren Ellish and Jim Balan, as well as our studio director Jeff Witchel and consulting partner Chip Novick each represent over 30 years of client and agency experience. We work with entrepreneurs and senior management, helping them position their brands/concepts/practices, plan appropriate strategies and execute effective marketing and communications programs.

From big picture thinking to flawless execution

We start with big picture thinking and the identification of real consumer insights, but we ensure that all ideas can be executed with real life practical solutions all the way to the store/practice level.

Restaurant companies, dental practices, retailers and consumer packaged goods companies of any size can confidently add the Ellish Marketing Group professionals to their team to support key marketing, sales, and profit-enhancing initiatives.

We understand the financials of restaurant/retail businesses and dental practices and can balance guest counts/new patients, margin and value of a client in our approach to building businesses. Our comprehensive marketing and brand communication programs, as well as our innovative menu engineering programs, maximize financial performance by profitably growing and then sustaining businesses.


Projects handled by an Ellish Marketing Group principal

Ellish Marketing Group works with only a limited number of clients at a time. This ensures that every project will be handled by one or both principals, each of whom has diversified experience in successfully launching, building and turning around many well-know companies and brands. Since we never hand off a job to an inexperienced second team, our clients can count on consistency, reliability and accountability.

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