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Developing local and targeted digital marketing and social media programs as a key component of restaurant and franchise marketing plans

social media 3We are well-respected restaurant and franchise marketing experts. We have developed marketing plans and programs for many successful startup, brand-refresh and turnaround restaurant and franchise brands. Our successful marketing plans and programs incorporate the latest in digital marketing and social media and go way beyond trying to collect Likes.

It’s important to leverage a website that has been search engine optimized (SEO) and leverages the local aspect of each restaurant or store location, social networks, blogs, on-line communities, core platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Google+, and many others) and restaurant/hospitality review sites. A mobile approach also needs to be incorporated into everything that is developed.

Listening, measuring and collecting analytics, and responding appropriately in a timely matter is critical to developing trust with customers and potential customers and then turning them into brand advocates.


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