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Pollo Campero

How to mainstream an international restaurant brand for the US market

Challenge: Take a successful international fast food brand (Guatemala based) that has entered the US successfully in heavily Latin American markets, but then experienced difficulty in taking the brand to mainstream US markets.

SolutionRefine the global brand positioning and develop a tailored menu to meetpollo Campero menu board design by Ellish Marketing Group the needs of the US customer, while still being true to the global brand.  Develop new menu items, easy to understand menu boards and marketing and communication materials to effectively communicate to new potential customers what the brand is all about.

Rationale: Using the Ellish Marketing Group proprietary brand positioning process, we refined the global brand positioning for the US market. Building on the foundation of the brand positioning, the menu was re-engineered with additional new menu offerings,  a new menu board design was created including all new food photography.  A strategic annual marketing plan and calendar was developed as well as all of the marketing programs and creative communication vehicles to support the brand.  A targeted direct mail program was developed to create a dialogue with potential new guests and to effectively explain the concept. The mailer targeted homes of potential new guests that lived conveniently to each restaurant location and allowed for a very efficient and effective use of marketing funds.

Results: As Roberto Denegri, President and COO, Campero USA & International, noted: “Warren Ellish and his team converted consumer insights they identified into strategies and developed local marketing plans. Warren’s attention to details throughout the entire project resulted in stand-out work that delivered the results we were looking for. His great work has been taken into other markets within the United States as we continue implementing our new global brand platform.”

Pollo Campero direct mail piece by Ellish Marketing Group        mpero direct mail piece by Ellish Marketing Group

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