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We’ve successfully positioned hundreds of well-known brandsWarren Ellish Branding Expert

Without a concise brand positioning statement with a competitive “point of difference” and complete management alignment behind this positioning, it will be difficult to communicate a clear and meaningful message about your brand. A brand must make a strong impression that lasts and translates into profitable sales and long-term growth.

We’ve used our one-day proprietary approach, led by Warren Ellish, to successfully position hundreds of well-known brands for a diverse group of companies, from Fortune 500’s to startups and turn-arounds. Our positioning work includes global, domestic, regional and local brands across many industries.

Warren is also a well respected faculty member at Cornell University, the Johnson Graduate School of Management, and an expert on brand positioning.

Proprietary one-day positioning methodology

Where we can assist you is by starting with our proprietary one-day positioning methodology and working directly with you and members of your team to clearly state and communicate the core elements of a successful positioning for your brand.

We will quickly and affordably help you to position your brand to effectively compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

The end result will be the development of a concise positioning statement, agreed upon by your core management team that reflects the following three elements:

  • Target market (the customers you are marketing your products/services to)
  • Frame of Reference/Competitive set (what business/businesses you are in)
  • Point(s) of difference (the specific consumer benefit that is preemptive/ownable/defendable which you want consumers to associate most readily with your products/services).
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