Consumer Research

Offering full qualitative and quantitative consumer research services to identify and validate ideas

market research scatterOur restaurant and franchise clients have utilized an extensive portfolio of qualitative and quantitative consumer research options to obtain information to inform and guide marketing and brand decisions.

Some of the most common forms of consumer research used by our restaurant and franchise clients include:

  • Focus groups
  • Concept validation studies
  • Segmentation studies
  • A&U (Attitude and Usage) studies
  • Menu optimization studies
  • TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) studies
  • Promotional concept and/or incentive offer sorts
  • Price elasticity studies
  • Taste tests

It can be challenging when creating a new menu or looking to optimize an existing menu when many internal or external team members are afraid to drop any existing menu items. Utilizing TURF analysis has allowed our clients to identify a discrete number of menu items that deliver variety and value to their current and prospective customers while at the same time optimizing reach and frequency. The net result is a menu with the fewest number of menu items that reach the broadest possible customer base.

With many marketing dollars being spent to convince new customers to visit or existing customers to visit more often, we have developed alternative promotional ideas and incentive offers and then quantitatively tested those ideas to identify which concepts offer the greatest likelihood to engage customers to make a special visit. The results from these quantitative consumer studies have been validated in market time and time again, allowing clients to make decisions with confidence before executing in market.

During brand refreshes and turnaround situations, we utilize consumer research to validate the brand’s positioning and all of the key elements of the brand. Our focus is to ensure we have not alienated the base of current users while enticing non-users to take an interest in the brand.

We provide the necessary level of consultation and analyses required to fully answer the objectives defined in a study

There are no additional costs for extra data tabulations, exploratory analyses, or custom reports. All reports are delivered as full-color, presentation-ready chart decks complete with key findings and recommendations.


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