“Ellish Marketing Group was of great to help to Pollo Campero as we evolved our brand in the United States and modernized it to meet today’s consumers’ demands.”
Roberto Denegri, President and COO, Campero USA & International
“Warren definitely delivers powerful results and is a great value compared to the bigger firms.”
John Mazarakis, COO, Seasons Pizza
“Because of Warren’s effective facilitation of our brand positioning session, we now have a clear positioning statement for our Blackjack Pizza brand that will be our roadmap into the future. This has helped catapult our journey to full management alignment within our corporate infrastructure, franchisee’s and store level management as one!”
Sam Askar, CEO, Askar Management
“Warren’s attention to details throughout the entire project resulted in stand-out work that delivered the results we were looking for. His great work has been taken into other markets within the United States as we continue implementing our new global brand platform.”
Roberto Denegri, President and COO, Campero USA & International
“Our brand was strengthened with the delivery of a strategically crafted, visually striking, and relevant message."
Dave Wolfgram, former President, Corner Bakery Café