• Designing Consumer Product Marketing
    Driving Retail Traffic
    Launching New Concepts and Products
    Revitalizing Turnaround Businesses
    Positioning Brands to Effectively Compete
    Identifying Consumer Insights
    Generating New Patient Leads
    Engineering Menus to Maximize Margins
    Driving Retail Traffic
    Devising Dental Marketing Programs
    Developing Comprehensive Marketing Programs
    Creating Effective Restaurant Marketing
  • Ellish Marketing Group:
    Marketing, Branding and Brand Positioning Consultants to Restaurants and Franchises

    For 20 years, as restaurant and franchise consultants with a focus on marketing and branding consulting, we have assisted the senior leadership of highly competitive multi-unit businesses generate high returns on investment based on a strategic focus to drive profitable traffic and product mix. A significant amount of our work has been with start-up, emerging and turnaround businesses. We have launched many new brands, concepts, and practices that became successful growth businesses while also revitalizing many once formidable brands that lost their way to become strong competitors once again.

    Powered By Experience®

    Ellish Marketing Group is an restaurant and franchise marketing and branding consulting firm built with only senior and seasoned client and agency “best of the best” talent. Under the leadership of Warren Ellish, a team of restaurant and/or franchise consultants with relevant experience is assigned to each client.

    Positioning Brands for Success™

    Our brand positioning and branding work has included hundreds of well-known international, national, regional and local brands for a diverse group of companies across many industries. We quickly and affordably position brands to effectively compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

    Bringing a continuous track record of successes

    We start with big picture thinking and the identification of real consumer insights, but insure that all ideas can be executed with real life practical solutions all the way to the store level. Our work connects with targeted consumers, getting them to make a visit or pick up the phone and make a reservation.

    Working with restaurant owners, operators, franchisers and franchisees

    We understand the financials of restaurant and franchise retail businesses and can balance guest counts/new customers, margin and value of a client in our approach to building businesses. Our comprehensive marketing, branding and brand communication programs, as well as our innovative menu engineering programs, maximize financial performance by profitably growing and then sustaining businesses.

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